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Treat Yourself to the Clean Convenience of an Electric Fireplace

Do you want the beauty and coziness of a fire with the push of a button? How about smart controls that make operating your fireplace simple and hands-off? An electric fireplace is a popular choice among homeowners and business owners who want all the ambiance of a fire without the hassle.

Electric Fireplaces Provide All the Benefits You Expect—and Make it Easy

  • No Work:  There’s no wood cutting, stacking, or storing with an electric fireplace.
  • No Mess:  No wood in your house, no soot on your walls, and no chimney sweeping required.
  • Lower Temperatures:  Electric logs operate at a lower temperature, for kids’ and pets’ safety.
  • Longevity:  Electric fireplaces have a long lifespan when compared to other options.
  • No Emissions:  With an electric fireplace, there’s no worry about harmful emissions.
  • Energy Efficiency:  Electric logs require only a small amount of electricity to operate.
  • Low Maintenance:  The maintenance required for electric logs is minimal.
  • Low Cost:  Electric fireplaces are affordable to purchase/install and inexpensive to operate.
  • Small Footprint:  Minimal space is required when installing an electric fireplace.
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Electric Fireplaces that Impress

The electric fireplace manufacturer we work with offers an impressive selection:

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Never Worry About Service with Stermer Brothers

It’s true—electric fireplaces are very low maintenance and rarely require repairs. However, we want you to know that should your electric logs need attention, our service department is available for all your needs with fast, onsite, professional service.

Even if you didn’t purchase your electric log set from Stermer Brothers, we are happy to service that electric fireplace! Get in touch today.

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