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Thelin Gnome Electronic Ignition

Thelin Gnome Electronic Ignition

This heater can be operated with a wall or remote thermostat which allows for pre-set time and temperature control. The stove will automatically start and stop itself based on the pre-set time and/ or temperature.
It is equiped with our battery back-up technology which enables it to operate during power failure. Manual lighting is required if the stove goes out during power failure and the battery option is not hooked up.
Decorator Colors:
Porcelain Enamel: Majolica Brown, Burgundy Red, Cobalt Blue, Teal Green, Cream, Ebony Black
Painted: Charcoal, Metallic Black, Forest Green, Metallic Blue, Five Brown Colors
Trim Options:
Gold; rings, door face, handle and fasteners or Nickel: rings, door face, handle and fasteners. Plain; painted or powder coat rings, painted door face, nickel or gold handle.
Heating capacity- 500 - 850 sq. ft.
Power consumption - 27 watts
Hopper capacity - 26 lbs.

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